Get to Know Us: I'm Not a Blonde

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Chiara "Oakland" Castello + Camilla Matley = Italian pop duo I'm Not a Blonde.

The Milan-based singers, songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists deliver an eclectic, artful, delicately balanced brand of electro-pop that blends modern pop elements with vibrant '80s rhythms and synths and '90s punk-flavored guitars and vocals.

Today the duo releases their sophomore album The Blonde Album, a profound collection of nine energetic, magnetic English language tracks born from a search for identity. From "A Reason" to "Daughter to "The Road," each song in its own way touches upon the experiences and relationships that change us during the course of our lives.

I'm Not a Blonde talked to Musical Notes Global about their new album, why they like working together, and more in this questionnaire-style interview. Check it out below.

This is how we met: We met 4 years ago  when Camilla was looking for a singer for another band. This didn't last much but from then we started writing songs together and liked it so much that we decided to for I'm Not A Blonde

We enjoy working together because we are the opposite so we help each other and transform our musical ideas in something always unexpected and surprising! 

We would describe our sound as: We would describe it as indescribable :-) so we trust what most people say it is: a mix of influences that come together in some kind of "art-electro-punk"

We find our greatest inspiration in cycling on a pink bike around Milano

Here's what you need to know about our latest single "The Road": It was written in 5 minutes, one summer afternoon in the kitchen of a country house near lake Garda: "Love at first sight"

We're excited to release our new album The Blonde Album because it represents the accomplishment of our first real LP (the previous " Introducing I'm Not A Blonde" is a collection of 3 Eps) with it's own story, our story.

The most important thing we learned from making The Blonde Album was "no album is perfect, every album is perfect"

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We loved making this album because we met many nice people like Gian Maria Accusani, Daniel Hunt and Matilde Davoli

We love performing live because the stage is our favourite place to be

We love our fans because once they love us they never leave us

The Blonde Album is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms. Get it here.

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