Anja Kotar Talks New Single "Modern Galileo"


We just can’t get enough of Anja Kotar!

Today the 21-year-old Slovenian-born, California-based pop starlet drops the music video for her new single “Modern Galileo,” a unique commentary on the power of the internet in today’s world. “Because I'm from San Jose -  the heart of Silicon Valley - I see on a daily basis how deeply rooted technology has become in our lives,” Kotar explained to Musical Notes Global. “‘Modern Galileo’ is a look into a stereotypical Silicon Valley kid who explores the world through the internet and embraces the modern love story between us and screens."

The funky track has allowed Kotar to delve into the complexities of the information highway and how the world’s youth are utilizing it. “I'm fascinated by observing and studying my generation's relationship with technology,” she revealed. “The internet provides so many possibilities and opportunities that no one could even think of 10 years ago, but there are also some serious and detrimental consequences to numerous types of its use. By writing ‘Modern Galileo’, I sort of opened the flood gates of this theme in my mind and I'm looking forward to further exploring it through music."

While the song opens with the familiar modern sounds of an iPhone keypad, the body of the track is packed with the blips and beeps of retro video games, sounds that mirror the theme of the song. “When working on the production for this song, I always envisioned sounds and samples that would mimic traveling through the internet,” she revealed. “In a lot of ways, the track sounds like an 80s video game where there's a little jingle every time you get a reward or a new level unlocks for you. In a way, that parallels the theme of ‘Modern Galileo’: the ups and downs in the game of digital life.”

“Modern Galileo” follows Kotar’s recent singles “Poster Child of California” and “Theory of Relativity.” Watch the official music video below.

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