Rising Artist Spotlight: Capi Sánchez Talks New Single "Tony Montana"

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Creative, innovative, dynamic: these are all words that can describe up-and-coming Latin urban artist Capi Sánchez.

Discovered by renowned producers, Grammy-winning Juan Mario “Mayito” Aracil and Guianko “Yanko” Gómez, Sánchez, who was born in Cuba, became one of the first artists in his genre to sign with Top Stop Music, the label that helped foster the careers of chart-topping artists like Prince Royce and Leslie Grace.

Incorporating trap beats and mambo rhythms, Capi’s sound represents his own musical history. “I always wanted to make a sound that includes everything that I have experienced in music,” he explained to Musical Notes Global, “and in that sound I managed, together with Juan Mario ‘Mayito’ Aracil, to learn more about Cuban percussion, which was my first instrument; the saxophone was the instrument that my grandfather played, who was a musician for Beni More; and then the trap rhythm of hip hop that has always been my style. This sound is a recollection of my story.”

Sánchez recently released his new single “Tony Montana,” which was sparked by the Scarface character of the same name. “The inspiration came to me watching the movie in the part that the police go to search for Tony Montana, who was in a highly drunken state and began to shoot,” he revealed. “I imagined it as a challenge to negative situations in life that one sometimes must face even at the worst moment.”

The music video for “Tony Montana” reached more than 1 million views on YouTube in less than a month. “I feel super happy and ready to give my best and very thankful to my label and my team,” he said about reaching the milestone.

Listen to “Tony Montana” below and check out the music video here.

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