Get to Know Me: Jade Alice

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Jade Alice is a young singer and songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, and she’s totally captivated us here at Musical Notes Global.

With her music, Jade offers feel-good lyrics delivered by smooth crystal clear vocals and enhanced by scintillating melodies.

Fresh off the release of her new single “In The Deep,” Jade talked to Musical Notes Global about its story and what she has coming next. Check out the questionnaire-style interview below!

For those of you who don't know me, I’m Jade Alice, an electro pop singer-songwriter and producer from Australia!

I love to incorporate lush vocal layers into dance music. And I love anything with potato in it.

Here's the scoop on my latest single "In The Deep": It’s about that chance moment where you see someone for the first time and you feel this pull to them, this strong energy that’s almost tangible. You feel like a kid, all excited with no fears or inhibitions. You just want more of this person, and to show them who you are. I wanted the song to build that way, to reach a place of euphoria and love. 

I'm excited about the release because it’s my first step in a direction that blends dreamy pop with EDM, and I am so happy with how it has translated through the production.

I hope fans are able to let go and find their own place of acceptance and love when they dance to this. I hope it gives them energy and confidence in themselves!

Currently I'm getting ready to tour with my live band, and I ’mputting together a music video for ‘In The Deep’.

Here's what's next: I’ve got a collaboration coming out with producer Motaki, it’s a darker dance single which should come out in December. I’m also working on my album, which will belong to you by next year! 

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Instagram: @jade_alice_music