RIVVRS Talks New Single "Don't Wanna Know"


A little bit of pop. A little bit of Americana. A little bit of classic rock. This is Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter RIVVRS.

With sincere optimism and raw lyrics that have helped him garner a slew of network television placements, the California native has a knack for immediately commanding the attention of listeners, speaking right to the heart in a stirring, compelling way.

"Don't Wanna Know" is RIVVRS' latest, and it's the second single to be released from his upcoming album Cosmic Dream. A weighty track that brings a little bit of psychedellic soul to the collection, it touches upon a subject that is familiar to many. "Sonically, the song represents a bit of a change in direction with the new album, a bigger dose of soul influence," he explained to Musical Notes Global. "Thematically it's just a glimpse of today's modern age. Living for the weekend is something I think most people can relate to."

"I always like when people interpret the songs in their own way and relate it to what's happening in their own lives," he added, "but the general spirit behind the song is to just let loose, so I hope it inspires some badass weekends."

Get wrapped up in the magic of RIVVRS with "Don't Wanna Know" below.

RIVVRS will play the Bottle Rock Music Festival in May. For all of his latest news and updates, follow him on social media:

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