Michael Mancuso On New Single "Give It To Me"

Michael Mancuso.jpeg

Michael Mancuso just became one of our new favorite stars in pop music.

The California native, and former member of USC's award winning a cappella group The SoCal VoCals, recently released his latest single "Give It To Me," a summery, energetic jam overflowing with sunny, enticing beats and super rich vocals.

"Truth be told, 'Give It To Me' was written as a joke between my producer and I," he told Musical Notes Global. "Before each writing session, we talk a bit and catch each other up on what's been going on in our lives. He asked me what was up, and all I could think of was the sheer number of weeks it had been since I had last been with a girl. I told him about my struggles and he immediately started laughing at me and giving me flack. When it got to the point in the session where it was time to pick the topic we would be writing about, he jokingly threw out that we should write about my dry spell. Next thing you know, 'Give It To Me' was born!"

"Give It To Me" is an absolute groove that envelops listeners in an appealing carefree, edgy sound that is sure to win over fans around the world and sets the young singer up for a promising career as a regular on Top 40 charts.

"I love this song because everything about it comes from a lighthearted place, and I hope that comes across to the listeners," he said. "All I wanted from this track was a 3 minute, upbeat, 'good vibes only' escape from reality and I think we hit the mark!"

Listen to "Give It To Me" below and stream it now digital streaming platforms.

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