Emily Perry Talks Empowering New Single "Walk In Silence"

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Australia native Emily Perry made a splash in 2017 with her energetic, undeniably catchy single "Boom." As her US debut, the track broke records, landing on the Billboard Dance chart and becoming the 5th most added song in its first week.

Now based in Los Angeles, Perry recently dropped her empowering new single "Walk In Silence," a beautiful and contemporary but hard-hitting pop track. "I am so thankful for the response it has already received!" she told Musical Notes Global. "I wrote this song with one of a kind producers, Joe Cruz and Cindy Valentine. We all put a piece of our personal feelings into it. I pulled a line or two out of my songbook with this one."

By songbook she means the vault of notebooks that she has been jotting ideas and songs in for years. "I was 11 the first time I started using a writing journal," she said. "Now I have stacks and stacks of them. I have songs in these books from years ago and songs from yesterday. Everything I’ve ever felt or thought or seen, I’ve written down. I carry one of my songbooks with me everywhere I go. Most of the time you think of something in the most unlikely situation. You might not even understand what it really means until you come across it later but when you originally wrote it down, it clearly meant something to you. From that you can create special music. We all threw in our own vibe melodically, and lyrically we worked hard on conveying the message of the song in the most special way possible."

"Walk In Silence" is a powerful, well-timed comment on the dark silence that so many women and girls have had to live in for much too long, and it encourages listeners to overcome and to speak out. "This song is about not being silence," she said. "Not beating around the bush and speaking your truth. Lyrically this song means a lot to me. I think this song is very prominent with everything going on in our industry today...We put a lot of love and energy into this song and I am so thankful for the response it has already received." (At the time of this interview "Walk In Silence" held the number 19 spot on the Billboard Dance Club charts).

"Walk In Silence" comes in anticipation of Perry's upcoming album release, her first full-length. "I’m so excited to share all this music that I have with the world," she said. "My main goal with this album was to surprise people. To keep them guessing. So that they never know what’s next. I’ve collaborated with many different producers, each of them offering something special to the album. This album has something for everyone. I grew through the process of creating this album and each song grew with me. I had so much fun making magic and all I want is for people to have fun while listening to it!"   

Watch the music video for "Walk In Silence" below.

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