Australian Sensation Didirri Talks Debut EP Measurements, Touring, + More


Didirri has a knack for inspired storytelling.

Actually, it's more like an innate talent. The up-and-coming Australian singer and songwriter is an absolute sensation who has won the hearts of listeners in a way that only true stars have the ability to achieve. "Indescribable," he told Musical Notes Global about captivating so many people around the world so quickly, "feels like only yesterday that I was playing in cafes. I was kind of scared about hitting the world running but everyone so far has been incredible. Audiences all around the world are so supportive of any kind of music."

Today Didirri releases his highly anticipated debut EP Measurements. "Measurements is the end of a chapter in my life, he explained. "A chapter that I'm ready to let go of. Each of the songs is a lesson learnt during this time. It represents the qualities that I would like to see in myself for the future. It's been an amazing journey thus far. I hope to learn many more lessons as life continues to grow exponentially for me."

Measurements includes his shining singles "Worth the Wait" and "I Can't Get Last Night Out Of My Head," two tracks that resonate all the way through to the heart and that echo wildly through the mind. "'Worth the Wait' is an exploration of individuality," he said. "A reminder to not be held down by the pressures of 'the cool'. There are many people in your life that will ask you to be something that you aren't, and it's not worth the heavy weight and it's not worth waiting around for them to change. 'I Can't Get Last Night Out Of My Head' is a very simple spark of happiness for me. Reflection of a beautiful night, setting a standard for myself to have a better day than yesterday. To always try to connect with someone every day."

Studying not only other musicians but painters, comedians, philosophers, and friends as well, Didirri takes his life experiences and blends them together in a mesmerizing composite of beauty for his listeners to digest. Therefore, the six tracks that comprise Measurements are honest, organic, and full of breathtaking intimacy, conveying stories that totally overtake the soul. "I hope that people find the healing that I found in writing Measurements," he said. "I am obsessed with finding golden rules to live by and I think the songs sum up, some of them. I hope they help people in some small way, to cope with their own lives."

The budding young artist and Melbourne native has already found great success in touring and is currently bringing his enthralling show around Australia. In addition to selling out two headline tours last year and playing some of Europe's biggest festivals, including London Calling, he also recently made the news by signing with Paradigm Talent Agency for bookings in North and South America. "I'm excited to hit up America!" he revealed when asked which country he'd like to tour next. "It's a big beast, but it's one that I'm very much looking forward to. I'm sure I'm going to learn a lot along that journey." However, he acknowledged that he's already learned a lot from his tour experiences so far. "Audiences around the world have taught me how to best communicate myself in a global way," he said. "To stop putting so many Aussie references in my show. But mostly it's just made me grateful to be sharing my life with so many people." One thing's for certain, though: Didirri's audiences are just as grateful that he's sharing his life with them.

Measurements is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms.

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