Totally 2000s Q+A: Eighty Ninety



With nearly 22 million streams and over 90,000 monthly listeners to their name on Spotify, Eighty Ninety is becoming an indie-pop powerhouse. With sad-boy summer jams like “Your Favorite Song,” “Three Thirty,” and “10K Summer Nights,” brothers Abner and Harper James have proved themselves as lyricists and kings of melody since 2016.

Today the Brooklyn-based duo releases their latest track titled “Got Your Message.” It is a laid back, harmony and beat-driven pop anthem that will have fans screaming along to the bouncy, melodic chorus after the first listen.

Along with their new release, Eighty Ninety sat down with us here at Musical Notes Global for a throwback-style, early 2000s teen magazine-inspired interview. Find out more about Abner and Harper below!


Abner and Harper James

Portland, Maine

When I first wake up in the morning I:

Harper: Hit snooze!

One thing I can’t live without:

Abner: My acoustic guitar, definitely!

One thing you won’t ever see me without:

Abner: Headphones - sometimes I walk around with them in all day and forget they’re there.

My first celebrity crush vs. now:

Abner: Keira Knightley forever!

The first album I ever owned:

Harper: What’s the Story Morning Glory? - Oasis

Who was better: *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?

Harper: *NSYNC. Can’t argue with JT.

The song/artist that made me fall in love with music:

Abner: Our dad had Tom Petty’s greatest hits CD in the car when I was five or six and I couldn’t get enough.

___________ and ___________ define my music taste.

Abner: Melody and storytelling.

If I was a cartoon character from any show I’d be:

Abner and Harper: Not technically a show, but we’d both be Calvin and/or Hobbes!

The last time I laughed and really laughed was:

Abner: Rewatching This is Spinal Tap.

People underestimate that I can:

Abner: Play songs on my teeth. For real! Haven’t figured out how to work that into an Eighty Ninety song yet, but there’s time.

If you ever came to my hometown you’d have to try this:

Abner and Harper: Jumping in the ice-cold ocean.

Listen to Eighty Ninety’s brand new single “Got Your Message” below.

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