[VIDEO] Story Behind the Song: KTJ & CARLY Talk Debut Single "On Your Mind"

Soulful sister act KTJ & CARLY have been involved in music since they were five years old, and now they’re well on their way to a fruitful career.

Backed by parents who encouraged them to pursue the creative arts, KTJ, following her love for piano and production, began taking pre-college courses at NYU’s Music Production and Technology School, while Carly focused on strings and studied at Carnegie Mellon University.

Entering into their joint musical project with lots of energy and passion, KTJ & CARLY make expressing oneself look easy, drawing listeners into their stories through the enticing vibrancy of synth-driven electro-pop and pristinely honed vocals.

The duo recently released their debut single “On Your Mind,” a dynamic track inspired by personal experience that undeniably stands out for its high-flying falsetto-layered chorus and lyrics that anyone can relate to.

Watch as KTJ & CARLY reveal the story behind “On Your Mind” after the jump.

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