[VIDEO] Rising Latin R&B Star GioBulla Talks "Astro Funk" with Musical Notes Global

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If you’ve seen the cover of Spotify’s R&B Latino or Nuevo Flow playlists, or TIDAL’s “Tidal Rising Latin” playlist recently, you’re sure to recognize GioBulla, a promising young artist who is helping to usher in the intoxicating new wave of Latin R&B.

Over the last few years, the movement has started to build momentum, slowly encouraging a shift in Latin music from the hard rumble of reggaeton to smoother, more romantic melodies. In 2019, more artists than ever are exploring this exciting uncharted territory, and the adept singer and songwriter with Dominican roots has us waiting impatiently on the edge of our seats for what the future of the genre holds in the months and years ahead.

Having immigrated to the United States from his native island when he was 11 years old, GioBulla is delivering an admirably refreshing fusion that blends elements of trap, R&B, and soul with vibrant Caribbean rhythms and lyrics that hint at an emotional maturity that’s well beyond his 27 years.

Now based in Miami, he is currently celebrating the success of his single “Astro Funk” while preparing to release new music produced by international hitmakers like Sky Rompiendo, Maffio, DJ Luian, and more. Written by GioBulla and Jeremiah and produced by YahYah Crew, Daneon, Miyabi, Draco and Big Chriss, the track follows his previous singles including “Cuéntale” and “Consentida,” which, all together, have reached more than 5 million streams across platforms.

A soulful contemporary jam that channels the sunny vibes of California in the ‘80s while telling a story of reconciliation and hope, “Astro Funk” comes accompanied by an intergalactic music video, which the rising star, who is also a visual artist and graphic designer, played a heavy hand in conceptualizing.

Musical Notes Global caught up with GioBulla before his set at Remezcla’s Nuevo Noise series launch showcase in Brooklyn, NY. Watch the full interview below.

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