Rising Artist Spotlight: Emilee Boyce



This month’s Rising Artist Spotlight brings us to Kent, England, where a lovely singer-songwriter named Emilee Boyce is lighting up the music scene with inspired passion.

Her music has swept into our spirits like a renewing breath of fresh air. Influenced by a variety of musical flavors, from classic soul to country and everything in between, Emilee has crafted her own unique style, transforming her lifelong passion for music into a blossoming career.

Having played shows at venues such as London’s Troubadour, Proud Camden, Kensington Rooftops, and various local bars, and even having the honor of playing at a fundraising tribute to Amy Winehouse in Belgium, it is clear that Emilee is extremely determined to make her mark on the world.

Perhaps the story we love most from Emilee’s artistic upbringing is the tale of how she learned to play guitar because it demonstrates her dedication as an aspiring artist. Admiring her brother, who played guitar and “made it look really cool,” she asked him to teach her, and he did teach her—if only a chord or two. But in typical sibling fashion “he didn’t really like the idea of his little sister cramping his style,” so Emilee taught herself enough to join in. “From this,” she says, “I started to jam about, putting my fingers wherever sounded good on the strings and started to make some hooks up.”

Not only is Emilee’s voice as mesmerizingly enchanting as a precious shimmering jewel, but she has an incredibly natural talent as a songwriter—and truly shines as such. Her lyrics are wise, filled with a clarity that will only continue to flourish as her promising career progresses. When discussing her lyrics, she says: “My songs were always a heightened version of the truth influenced from growing up, school life and boyfriends.” Breezy and pure, Emilee’s music is a genuine blend of soul and freedom that speaks volumes about who she is as a musical spirit.

Sublime: The EP

Check out her 3-track EP, available now on iTunes.

Emilee Boyce EP cover

The title track is one of our favorites of Emilee’s—it is absolutely perfect in all of its fresh bright-eyed, melodic romance. See it featured here-->3 Awesome Songs from England You Need to Hear.

Also included on the EP are “Eyes Like Yours,” a smoky, smart track we adore, and the addictively bubbly “Love Like This”.

She also recently released 2 new tracks on SoundCloud: the funky-fresh “Wrap Me Up” and “If You Were My Man,” a passionate and lulling track that hints at the genius of James Brown.

And we MUST mention this live performance of “Bird Song” at Club Surya in London.

What an absolute gem it is! That chorus is everything—beautiful, captivating, charming, intriguing… Please record this Emilee!!!

We are absolutely enamored with Emilee’s music and wish her much success in her musical career! For the latest news and updates from Emilee Boyce:

Follow her on Twitter: @emileeboyce

Find her on Facebook: Emilee Boyce