NYC's New Latin Sensation Randy Wisky Talks New Single "Vuelve" + More with MNGBlog

Born in New York to Dominican parents, Randy Wisky is one of Latin music's newest artists to watch. A singer, songwriter, producer, and sound engineer, the 24-year-old got his start singing into an imaginary microphone in his living room and is now growing a steady following of fans around the world.

"I remember as a kid I would stand in the middle of my living room; get my imagery microphone (which would often be a screwdriver lol) and I would just start singing to whatever was playing on the radio," Wisky recalled. Acknowledging the importance of the guitar to his musical development, he said " wasn't until I turned 16 when I really got into music, my family bought me my first acoustic guitar around that time and a few months later I was already writing my own songs; I even became the lead singer of a pop/rock band named 'Brook Ave.' Basically the guitar opened my eyes and showed me how much music really means to me."

As a native of New York City, Wisky was heavily influenced by the richly diverse sounds that surrounded him on a daily basis, and those sounds have made their way into his music today. "Growing up in NY definitely affected the way I approach music, there's never a defined sound. New York's streets are filled with people from different countries which means different cultures, different music, and it all captured my attention," he explained. "Anything from Hip-Hop, R&B, Salsa, Bachata, Pop, Rock, you named it...I was into it. I'm a very open minded person when it comes to music and that's all thanks to New York." Today the young artist now fuses elements of pop and urban music with the increasingly popular Angolan genre kizomba to create his definitive style.

Wisky's latest single "Vuelve" is an autobiographical tale of lost love. Produced by Wisky along with Oscar "Scottie" Sanchez and Estanler "Esency" Aleman, it's a heartfelt track that finds its basis in a personal story. "I wrote 'Vuelve' about a year ago and around that time my girlfriend at the moment had left me lol, she got upset and left," he revealed to Musical Notes Global. "I didn't cheat or anything like that I was just not valuing her or treating her how she should be treated so of course; I let her walk away. About 3-4 days passed and she had yet to call so I started to get worried; then I started calling but she wasn't picking up, that's when I really started to freak out. A whole week passed and she still wasn't picking up and I had lost all hopes, in my mind I was a single man and she already had found a new boyfriend. That's when the inspiration for 'Vuelve' kicked in." Sometimes the worst situations become the best creative inspiration, don't they? "One night at the studio, by myself, feeling heart broken," he recalled, "a good friend walked in and said to me 'Why are you just sitting there instead of creating, you're in a studio bro' and that was enough motivation for me to get in the booth and improvise the chords and vocal melody for 'Vuelve' and within 2-3 days I had the lyrics."

Watch "Vuelve" below.

Having recently completed a successful press tour, Wisky is currently working on a full-length album titled Dia & Noche, which will include a hot mix of Trap, ballads, and Kizomba. "There's no release date yet," he told Musical Notes Global, "but it should be ready by the end of 2017."

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