Scrub & Ace Ha Release "Plastic Rock Vol. IV"

IMAGE CREDIT: Nate Burrell

IMAGE CREDIT: Nate Burrell

"I'm taking care of my business, you should worry about your own thing," Scrub confidently repeats throughout "Plastic Rock Vol. IV." The track is a super fresh and bold reminder to not only do what you gotta do, but, perhaps more importantly, to just do you.

Inspired by Bachman-Turner Overdrive's hit "Takin' Care of Business," "Plastic Rock Vol. IV" is the fourth installment in Scrub and Ace Ha's "Plastic Rock" YouTube series. Listen closely and some of the original track's most recognizable notes can be heard amongst the depths of Ace Ha's sick modern beats, while a deeper analysis of the lyrics reveals Scrub's clever allusion to the Plastic Rock series: "So true, I stole from the old school/and brought it back with a whole new soul too."

"Plastic Rock Vol. IV" is the fourth of five videos in the "Plastic Rock" YouTube series, which revives popular classic rock songs by integrating boombap beats and thought-provoking lyrics. To learn more about Scrub and Ace Ha, check out MNGBlog's recent interview with the duo here. Catch up on the "Plastic Rock" series here, here, and here, and be sure to come back to for the final installment.

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